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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

PMP Training Information

At Project Management Strategy, we recognize you are a busy professional with a full schedule. As a dedicated training institute, we have helped more than a thousand professionals achieve their Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we have encountered from our students:

Can I buy a voucher and enroll in a class at a later date?
Yes, you can. We offer a voucher program that allows you to purchase a course before deciding upon where and when you wish to attend. We also offer group discounts if you would like to purchase multiple vouchers for your company.

How far in advance should I sign up for a class?
We generally advise our students to register at least a couple of weeks in advance, as the courses fill up quickly. However, you can sign up with as little as one day's notice provided there is still room available.

Can I get a refund if I do not pass the test?
Yes, if you have attended the entire course and have complete three full-length practice exams from our online training portal. Provided that you have made 3 attempts to pass the PMP® exam and failed all of them within 120 calendar days of completing the course, we will refund your entire tuition. However, we have a 99% success rate for serious and committed professionals! We couldn't be more confident in your ability to pass.

Should I take the PMP® test right after the course?
We don't recommend it. We advise our students to take at least 10 days to absorb the material. We recommend that you take 5 mock tests and thoroughly revisit the course materials after the conclusion of the class (which takes the average student at least 40 hours).

If you are in a hurry to get your certification, we recommend the following:

  • Watch our online videos prior to attending our class sessions.
  • Read the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) prior to attending our course.
  • Take all 5 mock exams before taking the PMP® certification test.

Can I get my course materials in advance?
Yes, you can. All of our online training tools are accessible to our students immediately upon registration. Other training materials, such as the PMBOK® Guide, CD, and course binder are provided in the classroom.

Does the course count towards the 35 contact hours needed to sit for the PMP® exam?
It counts for all of it! Our course is designed and PMI-approved to account for the 35 hours that need to be completed prior to taking the PMP® exam. We provide you with a certificate of completion upon the conclusion of the course so you can provide verification, if needed.

Is the PMP® exam fee included in my tuition fee?
That's up to you. Generally, we don't include the exam fees in our tuition because the fees are paid directly to PMI upon registering for the test. If it is more convenient for you to pay the exam fees ahead of time, we can add it to the price of our course.

Can my course be re-scheduled or cancelled?
You may reschedule your course for free with at least seven days' notice. Courses may be rescheduled over the phone, via email, or through our online portal. If you are unsure of the date you would like to reschedule, we can issue you a tuition voucher.

We reserve the right to charge a $500 rescheduling fee for courses that you reschedule with less than seven days' notice. Because you are provided immediate access to our online training materials upon registration, there is an $800 fee if you cancel your course.

Can I apply for the PMP® exam prior to attending the live course?
Yes, you can, provided you have already completed the necessary 35 hours of PM training. Because our course is designed to meet that requirement, most of our students wait until after completing our course before applying to take the exam.

I only have a short timeframe to get certified. Is there any way to accelerate my training?
We understand that many of our students need to achieve their certification as quickly as possible. If you have registered for our course, you can access a full, online version to begin completing your 35 hours of training. You should also read the PMBOK® Guide, watch all videos, and take all five practice exams.

Do you accept company purchase orders?
Yes, we do. After you have registered for the course, have your company email us a purchase order at Once we have received the approved purchase order, we can reserve a seat for you.

Can I get a soft copy of the PMBOK® Guide?
If you are a registered PMI member, you can download one for free.

Does my experience need to have a "Project Manager" job title in order to meet requirements?
No. A title of Project Manager is not required, but you do need to show you were leading and directing project activities. Keywords are very important when completing the application. As part of our course, we explain the entire application process and are here to answer any questions you may have when applying for the exam.

Where do I take the course?
Our course locations are listed on our website and you can choose the location that is most convenient to you. About 10 days before class begins, you will receive an email confirming the course location and other helpful details.

Where do I have to go to take the exam?
PMP® exams are administered at Prometric testing centers all across the U.S and are typically offered every day of the week except Sunday. You can schedule online at However, we recommend you call directly if you are in need of a specific date.

Will you help me if I get audited?
Yes, our service to you is not completed until you are certified. If you are selected for audit, don't worry. Around 5-10% of all candidates are randomly selected for audit. We are here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

PMP certification through Project Management Strategy

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Recent surveys show project managers with PMP® certification earn 20% higher salaries, on average, than their colleagues without certification! Obtain the qualification that will shine on your resume. If you work as a project manager, frankly, there is no reason to not be PMP certified.

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